Cafe Aroma is a family owned and operated company providing freshly roasted espresso coffee to consumers for over 30 years. Our history dates back to 1961 when our founder, Rogelio ('Roy') Montes De Oca, emigrated from Cuba and began roasting coffee in his kitchen with his wife, Ines, selling home-roasted espresso style coffee door to door to his community. With the help of his loyal customers, Roy, was able to achieve the "American Dream" creating a fruitful company and brand that stands strong present day. Today our legacy brand is lovingly operated by his daughters and grandchildren who maintain the same dedication our founder had since our start.


 With tradition as rich as it's flavor and it's roots, we are proud to bring consumers the quality espresso our family and the world has grown to love.

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Unete A La gran familia deL sabor!